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Re: Using XyWrite with XP OS Was: Re: Xywrite history

** Reply to message from "Robert V. Schmidt"  on
Thu, 1 Sep 2005 21:17:44 -0400

> I'm willing to accept the previous opinion that XyWrite doesn't
> run well on laptops because of the way they control the keyboard.

I use mainly laptops (Dell W98SE, IBM W2K SP4, IBM WXP SP2). On all of them, I
use good external (Avant Stellar) keyboards. Xy4 performs equally well on all
these machines (all features are active). Furthermore, I've installed my
XyWrite on many XP machines owned by other people. Never had a problem.
Laptop keyboards are all terrible, so you can't expect much. Many keycodes are
inaccessible, or only accessible with tortured key combinations. But with an
external keyboard plugged in, you get behavior identical to a good keyboard
plugged into a desktop machine.

As for video issues, the big problem with pixellated screens is the core
concept of "screen expansion": to expand the screen, you need to dig into the
BIOS, or else some setting in Control Panel ==> Display ==> Settings ==>
Advanced (usually), or else a key combination like Fn-F3 or Fn-F7. We've been
round this bend many times!

Once you get past these two hurdles, the only remaining issue is keyboard
responsiveness, which affects and bothers some users but not others. But the
bottom line is, XP runs XyWrite quite well.

Robert Holmgren