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Re: Using XyWrite with XP OS Was: Re: Xywrite history

"Robert V. Schmidt"  wrote:

> I'm willing to accept the previous opinion that XyWrite doesn't run well
> on laptops because of the way they control the keyboard.

I'm not sure which opinion you are referring to here, but just for the
record, I've been using XyWrite with great success exclusively on
laptops for years and years (lots of different models and brands, and
operating systems including Win 95, 98SE, 2K, and XP).

Me too.
On the other hand, the hard-wired screen fonts of the laptop's display
when running full-screen DOS can indeed be an issue,
I have a strange one there--a color issue. The colors change drastically
between the Windows box and full-screen (i.e., alt-Enter toggling). It
would be nice to be able to solve this problem. I have with an HP Pavilion
laptop running XP and Xy4DOS. I don't think it's feasible to run a
different settings.dfl for full-screen and windowed modes--if I could even
get full-screen to look right via settings.dfl, which is not a given.
if you decide to forego full-screen entirely and just stick to windowed

That's what I've done, but the cursor is jerky and delayed in windowed mode.

Harry Binswanger