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Re: WSA and WCA

 Hi Paul,

Just want to let you know that the following command will probably work in your case too (from both
the DOS command line and at the XyWrite command line with U2 installed):


The above command will automatically mount vDosPlus drives to Windows drives that are not yet
mounted as vDosPlus drives.

To unmount a specific vDosPlus drive, use the UNUSE command, e.g.


You can use the USE or SETCFG command to mount F: again later.

Hope this helps.


> On Feb 17, 2017, at 1:51 PM, Paul Breeze (Redacted sender "paul.breeze" for DMARC)  wrote:
> Dear Carl
> I have tried "SETCFG USE F: F:\" but it tells me:
> Not a config option - USE F: F:\
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Paul
> On 17/02/2017 18:03, Carl Distefano wrote:
> Paul,
> My quest, as before, is to be able to save to and retrieve from a USB
> drive that is not recognized by XY4 because it was not there when
> VDosPlus was launched.
> Ah. Now I understand. Yes, there is an easy solution. Just command
> SETCFG USE d: d:\
> where "d" is the letter of the newly-added drive. You can then use
> normal commands like DIR, CA, SA, etc.
> I'm still going to overhaul the commands for CAlling, SAving, etc. long
> filenames to create a single suite of commands that works under either
> vDosPlus or CMD.EXE. I expect to post an update to U2 over the weekend.