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U2 commands with long filenames

I went ahead and regularized/updated the suite of commands that will
work with long filenames in Xy4 with U2 (CAll, SAve, etc.). The magic
prefix is "L"; DCA, WCA, etc. no longer work.

The available commands are: LCA*, LCD*, LCHDIR*, LDEL*, LERNV, LMKDIR,
LME, LNE*, LRD, LRMDIR, LRE*, and LSA*. The asterisks indicate that the
usual switches will work, e.g., LCA/100 to CAll a file in eXPanded
view. There is one bonus switch: LCD/D d:\long_path changes both drive
and directory, like the Windows CD command. Most of these commands will
"lift" a long filename from text, if it occupies a line to itself (put
the cursor on the target line), or if it's DeFined. (Exceptions are
LNE, LMKDIR, and LSA, which require a command-line argument.)

If Xy4 is running under vDosPlus, these frames use 4DOS to determine
the short filename (SFN) -- because it's fast; otherwise, the SFN is
determined via Windows. I've successfully tested these commands in Xy4
running under vDosPlus in 64-bit Windows, vDosPlus in 32-bit Windows,
and the 32-bit Windows VDM (Windows 7 in all cases).

Download U2 here:

Carl Distefano