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Re: Ignorant keyboard question

Xy4DOS already has a couple of routines that may do what you want. You have
to load the MNU/DLG files and run them from the menus.

1. Logoff and restore. Type Ctrl+L with the file(s) open that you want to
save. Follow the prompts.
When you type Ctrl+L with NO files open, you get a list of sessions to
restore. Files are restored and the cursor is placed in each file where you
left off. If you saved NO files to a session, the restore function merely
logs you on to the subdirectory you were in when you stored and logged off.

2. MRU (most recently used) function. For this you need my enhanced
menu/dialog combo plus the customization file I wrote (available, I think,
from Carl's site?). This automatically remembers each file that you've opened
and keeps a list of the last 15 (25? I don't remember) in the order in which
you used them. There are some management functions, like clearing selected
file references or clearing the whole list. Information is saved about what
view mode the file was in. The disadvantage of this over Log/Restore is that
the list is dynamic. Eventually file references fall off the bottom of the

Tim Baehr