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Re: global merge etc. xy

Reply to note from "Morris Krok"  Sat, 22 Nov
2003 09:07:07 +0200


> Carl wrote this wonderful little program....

It's hardly a complete program, just a core procedure, an
alternative to the one used in U2 frame MEALL (as described
earlier). Any particular reason you're not using MEALL? If there
is, we'd like to know.

> Carl or Robert should be abale to tell whether I have written
> my filemenu file correctly for the purposes of using with
> Fishout.u2.

Your automatic counters are wrong. In eXPanded view they should all
be the same --  or whatever series you're using. (Not that
automatic counters are required.) Otherwise, as a FILEMENU data
file, it looks OK.

Carl Distefano