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Re: F5--and everything went black...

** Reply to message from Si Wright  on Thu,
4 Oct 2007 00:12:38 -0700 (PDT)

> Any thoughts as to why CC doesn't bother Windows XP, but BC does?

Despite the XyWrite mindset, which tends to encourage everybody
to have a different & individual keyboard layout, I'd wager that
one of the very few commonalities to survive all this
customization -- something our hugely different KBD files still
share -- is an assignment of func BC to key F5 (and eXeCute to
F9). And I've never heard your complaint before.

So I conclude that its YOU, or YOUR MACHINE -- maybe one too
many journeys in the overhead compartment. Refresh my memory:
that F5 "Windows screen refresh" -- was that unique to your
manufacturer, or is that a Windows-wide thing? I'm unaware of
that. How come nobody else is affected? Is it possible that
you are running a service or a program in background that
responds to the F5 key? If you take a look at the list of
running programs, even when nothing is running on the Desktop
you'll see 30 or 40 programs probably, many more on XP than on
previous operating systems (command TLIST at a DOS Prompt to
see your running Task List). A lot of those programs were
pre-installed by your manufacturer.

Robert Holmgren