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Re: XyWrite for Windows -Reply

K -

Thanks for the info - its nice to see that us long-term XyFolk will
have something to look forward to.

Now, how about cluing us in on a beta program? The
Crutchfield-Binswanger-Sivin-Seaver-Fisher-etc.-etc. crew have
a lot of expertise and experience thrashing XyWrite around.
Maybe if you could let some of us have a whack at the new
product before it gets released we might be able to avoid some
of the inevitable bugs in a Version 1.0.

Now, completely off-topic.... does TTG have any plans for a web
site? I stopped calling the BBS a long time ago because there
really wasn't anything new. The Web is the wave of the future.
It'd be nice to have a web site devoted to XyWrite or Smart
Words or FrankWrite or what ever its going to be called.