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Calling HTML files

This may already be known, but it was new to me, and it works with both NB8
and XY4, so I thought I should share it. After discovering to my
disappointment that NB8 didn't want to do wildcard calls on the command line
of files with four-letter extensions (specifically, .html), I asked Steve
Siebert if he had a workaround. He came back with a winner:

> If you don't need to distinguish .HTM from .HTML files, the following does
the trick
> (long filenames and all):
> 	CA *.HTM*
> This works like a charm on my system to call up all my HTML (and some
> HTM) files in a particular folder, whether they have long names or short.

I haven't had need yet to try it with long filenames, only long extensions,
but I've used it successfully in XPL scripts that perform search and replace
operations on large numbers of files. For me it actually works better with
XY4 than NB8 but that may be because I don't have my NB8 settings as finely
tuned yet.

--Chuck Creesy