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Re: Using XyWrite file in Word and saving as text document

Reply to note from "Patricia M. Godfrey"  Sat,
25 Nov 2006 14:54:34 -0500


> Further to this question, I find that there is some sort of
> poison pill in the file I was trying to convert (my collection
> of list posts for the month of November): when I run SA/RTF on
> that whole file, I get a bare header file.

You're caught in a feedback loop.

I would lay bets that the "poison pill" is a snippet of RTF code in
your subject file that is tricking SA/RTF into treating it as an RTF
file rather than plain text or XyWrite. The "RTF" to RTF conversion

Try forcing a "from XyWrite" conversion with SA/RTF/NV. It works,

Carl Distefano