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Re: Using XyWrite file in Word and saving as text document


What happened to your famous patience? :)
Sheesh, Harry! I suspected that from the start, but when you
reported that CMD.EXE didn't work either, I crossed it off the list
of suspects. Now you're saying that CMD.EXE *did* work after all.
What can I say? Wish I'd worn my overalls, because it was a case of
GIGO all along.
Not the first time. I'm thinking that when I said CMD didn't work, I must
have typed in CMD.COM rather (under the influence of COMMAND.COM) rather
than CMD.EXE.
> Any reason to get kmd.exe?

No, none at all. Wait, here's one: Because U2 requires it!
Granted, the wording of our documentation is subtle ("Do it! Use
these UPDATED VERSIONS of important files! Don't omit this! It's
N-E-C-E-S-S-A-R-Y!"), but we were hoping people would take the hint.
And here's another: To allow U2 to work hands-off, as intended,
without needless tinkering that inevitably introduces errors. And
here's another: To avoid frustrating and pointless exercises of the
kind that you and I just went through. Other than that -- none.

> I'd suggest adding the kmd.exe issue to the .INF file
> presuppositions under SA/RTF

Will do, but this doesn't get you off the hook! Clearly you were
aware that KMD.EXE was "presupposed"; otherwise, why go to the
trouble of trying to change it to CMD.EXE? No, no, Harry, the
defense fails. The glove fits, the jury must convict. Off to the
woodshed you go!

Mea culpa. I'll take my punishment (dl-ing KMD.EXE).

Harry Binswanger