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Re: Query: Copying text into XyWrite from Word (Windows XP) and similar

Hi, William .   I also use XyWrite III Plus.   XyWrite doesn't seem to like Word's version of quote marks and apostrophes.  If any of these marks are within a document, the end result is--as you term it--a "jumble."     Saving the Word document as a text document and then copying to XyWrite can work, but only if a specific routine is followed, otherwise, while the end result will no longer be in a "jumble" the characters that XyWrite does not like will appear in strange forms.

Here is the routine:

1. go to file, "save as"

2. give the file a new name and in the "save as" dialogue box" indicate that you want to save a PLAIN TEXT document.

3. In the file conversion dialogue box that subsequently opens,
                a. activate the button for "windows (default)"
                b. indicate lines should end with "CR/LF"
                c. activate the button for "allow character substitution"

The last step is very important.  If you don't activate that box, the resulting file will have strange characters for apostrophes and quote marks.


4. In XyWrite, open up the newly named file.

An older method that I had been using required me to laboriously change the quote marks and apostrophes to triple X's and triple Y's and then, in XyWrite, I would use the "CI" command to change the triple letters back to the apostrophes and quote marks.  Because our print process actually requires distinction between leading and end quote marks, I would substitute those marks for triple Y's and triple Z's respectively.

Good luck.


Avram Sacks
Chicago, IL

William Warner
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04/28/2005 10:59 AM
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        Subject:        Query: Copying text into XyWrite from Word (Windows XP) and similar

Is there a way to copy text created in a Word file into a XyWrite file?  At
the moment I have files in Word (Windows XP) which I created using
voice-recognition software.  I have my XyWrite 3.5 running in DOS.  Most
always when I try to copy Word material into XyWrite -- using copy and
paste -- various bits of coding (e.g., for italics) "confuse" the recipient
(the XyWrite file), and I end up with all the words but in a jumble, out of
order, etc.

Any solutions?  I have tried saving Word files in all sorts of different
formats without any luck to date.