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Re: 1980 Date in DIR list for XY3+: PART 2

>I'm also using XY3+ on a Warp machine, and I get the same 1980 dates
>in a XyWrite DIR listing. However, I think it's just an internal
>wierdness. Those same files that XY3+ shows with 1980 dates are
>happily registered as 1996 files when I check them under OS2COM, a
>Warp clone of Norton Commander.

  Well, that's really weird, since I don't get anything like that with XY3
under Warp, nor do others here who have stated so. I wonder what the
difference is?
  I have, OTOH, experienced strange time readings on the XY4 header --
under DOS and Warp -- which would then change suddenly for the correct time.
Maybe XY has some internal clock/calendar which weirds out occasionally.

Harmon Seaver

hoka hey!

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