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Re: 1980 Date in DIR list for XY3+: PART 2


Regarding your notes about XY3+ giving the wrong date on DIR listings:

>>But when I do a DIR in XY3+ and look at the date for when a file was
>>last stored, it reads the correct month and day, but '80 sted '96.

>I accept that XY3 has been around a while, but does it
>expire? I don't accept that. It is so difficult to find software that
>fulfills. Why should it end this way?

I'm also using XY3+ on a Warp machine, and I get the same 1980 dates
in a XyWrite DIR listing. However, I think it's just an internal
wierdness. Those same files that XY3+ shows with 1980 dates are
happily registered as 1996 files when I check them under OS2COM, a
Warp clone of Norton Commander.

Rebooting to Win95, I checked XY3+, and it shows the same 1980 dates,
but the dates under both Explorer and (the real) Norton Commander show
the correct 1996 dates.

So unless you're taking the XY internal date listings for billing or
something, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Apparently it's just
an optical illusion, a neat little time warp feature that's been
heretofore undocumented in XY3+.

Wonder if we should just consider it an easter egg?

Charles Burke, Tokyo