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Re: sample of my problem keyboard file

Here's a sample of the keyboard file that works, and they change I've been
trying to make. I add the bigger search on key 64 because it seems I (or
someone else) did make sequential commands that work.

FYI -- I began using XYwrite in the 1980's, when I was editing a magazine.
Our it guy chose xy with the NYTimes keyboard for me, and did some
modifications himself. After that he did other modifications on request and
after I left the magazine, (about 1989 or so) I learned to do some myself --
but I am not a programmer.

Anyway -- I'm just now adding the windows-type cut and copy commands, which
make it easier to run two versions of xywrite with side-by-side screens and
cut and copy from one to the other, using file \a\tf as a clipboard. Keys
45, 46 and 47, or course, a x,c and v.

The only hitch with this is that after I copy, I have to cut separately.
What I'd like (for a start) is to have the x key erase the selected type
after it copies it. Here's what I tried, (although I also tried different
combinations of commas and double commas after the XC on key 45 (x).) So
far, it just ignores the RD after the XC.

working file
this is from TABLE=CTRL

46=BC,S,A,V,E,D,E,F, ,\,A,\,T,F,,XC
47=BC,M,E, ,\,A,\,T,F,,XC

apparently I tried this earlier/ It doesn't seem to work, but there is
another multi-file search on shift+6, which just seems to be a % as command.

64=BC,TF,XC,BC,S,E, ,º,º,CL

this is the file as I changed it

45=BC,S,A,V,E,D,E,F, ,\,A,\,T,F,,XC,RD
46=BC,S,A,V,E,D,E,F, ,\,A,\,T,F,,XC
47=BC,M,E, ,\,A,\,T,F,,XC

The x key still copies, but it does not delete.

Thanks for your help. I don't pretend to be a computer type.

andy t

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I did try it, and nothing happened.
What, exactly, did you try? Post some examples here, straight from your KBD file, and we'll see what's what. -- Carl Distefano cld@xxxxxxxx
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