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Re: sample of my problem keyboard file

Reply to note from "Andy Turnbull"  Sun, 11 Jan 2009
21:19:39 -0500

> 45=BC,S,A,V,E,D,E,F, ,\,A,\,T,F,,XC,RD

OK, I see what the problem is. Real-life examples help! It's the fact
that the file, TF, already exists when you SAVEDEF to it. When the
SAVEDEF command PRompts "Overwrite (Y/N)?" and you answer (whether Y
or N doesn't matter), further KBD file input is preempted. Nothing
after func XC takes effect. The solution -- I assume you're using Xy3
-- is to erase the file before SAVEDEFing, thus:

45=BC,e,s, ,1,XC,BC,e,r,n,v, ,\,A,\,T,F,XC,BC,e,s,XC,BC,s,a,v,e,d,e,f, ,\,A,\,T,F,XC,BC,GT,RD

The sequence is: ES 1 (turn on error suppression to avoid a beep if TF
does NOT exist); ERNV TF (ERase No Verify); ES (short for ES 0 -- turn
off error suppression); SAVEDEF to file TF; Rub out DeFine

You can save memory by shortening SAVEDEF to SAD, and by eliminating
the commas after functions (not after individual charaacters!), like

45=BCe,s, ,1,XCBCe,r,n,v, ,\,A,\,T,F,XCBCe,s,XCBCs,a,d, ,\,A,\,T,F,XCBCGTRD

Try it; it should work.

Carl Distefano