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Re: OT: Going without Norton

 If you are asking me, I do not known anything about Kaspersky.
 However, I've been using Avast for quite a while and I am very
 pleased. I have never had a problem. I receive, on average,
 3 updates per day. I should say here that I leave my e-mail
 on the university computer, and I read it with Pine. I down-
 load attachments only when I know the sender, otherwise I trash
 all e-mail with attachment while they are still on the university
 machine. I use Ad-Aware and CCleaner to clean up after a session
 on the net, and I don't knowingly go to dangerous sites on the

 I hope this helps.

 M.W. Poirier
On Sat, 29 Dec 2007, Harry Binswanger wrote:
Maben wrote:
 Try Avast.
I'm trying Kaspersky right now. Do you have any knowledge of the comparative
merits of Kaspersky and Avast?

 M.W. Poirier