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Re: Xy5 progress--and a query for you


I hope we are designing a program that will be attractive to (and usable by) a wider group than the XyW veterans on this list. For this wider group, the program would need to be versatile, and there would need to be more than one way of doing things. Considering that modern applications all have some sort of menu system, it seems to me that it might be desirable for us to pay more and include the menus. But I say that not knowing how much more they would cost.
In the absence of menus, there would certainly have to be a very good
built-in context-sensitive help system and a very good manual. To
answer your question, in Nota Bene 12, I ignore many of the features,
but those features I do use I get to via the menus.
So far, we haven't gone into great detail about what features of Nota
Bene 12 would be jettisoned and what features would be preserved. My
preferences regarding the capabilities that form the main headings of
the Nota Bene 12 Help are
KEEP:Editing; Formatting; Headers and Footers; Footnotes and Endnotes;
Styles; Numbering; Spell Check; Printing; Customization and Programming (= XPL)
LOSE:Manuscript Files; Tables and Columns; Frameworks and Outlines;
Academic Styles; Math Functions; Images/Objects and Frames; Index and
Table of Contents; Orbis; Ibidem; Ibid Plus; Lingua; Archiva
I would also very much want to see a full conversion to and from
.docx, the lack of which keeps Nota Bene from realizing its potential
as an attractive and powerful front end for Word. I recognize of
course that quite possibly no one will share these particular preferences :)
Thanks again for pushing this project along, Harry.


At 13 12 2018  13 08:47 PM, you wrote:
The XyWrite 5 project is (from my estimation) more than half done. Don't hold me to that, but it looks that way now. I think we already have 85% of what we want--though the program may not hold up under testing.
But for what we're paying, we can't get the A La Carte menuing
system. That would add a huge overhead of complexity. I never, ever
use it--but perhaps there's someone out there for whom A La Carte is
very important. I'm particularly concerned about those who have
expressed interest in funding this: do any of you care about A La Carte?