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Re: Question

fenda@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> Dear Leslie,
> I work the same way with Ventura5. For wordprocessing, XyWrite is
> unbeatable. For page composition, Ventura5 (not Ventura 7/8) is my
> choice, because it doesn't embed he original text files (Ventura5
> maintain pointers to them as external files) and it's perfect for long,
> structured documents.

Oh my. Good old Ventura--didn't realize it was still around. As I recall
it was/is very flexible.

> This way I am constantly updating my Xy files in
> XyWrite and it's not necessary to export/import them from Ventura every
> time.

That is very handy.

> Just open again the Ventura chapter and the new version of the
> XyWrite text appears. The only problem with Ventura5 is the absence of a
> "Publish as HTML" feature. Ventura 7/8 abandon the original Xerox
> philosophy of Ventura (switching to Pagemaker-Quark style) and are
> plenty of bugs.

And no doubt the new versions, in addition to being buggier take up at
least twice the space on your hard drive than the prior versions.

Thanks for the info.


Leslie Bialler

Columbia University Press