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Re: Question

Dear Leslie,
I work the same way with Ventura5. For wordprocessing, XyWrite is
unbeatable. For page composition, Ventura5 (not Ventura 7/8) is my
choice, because it doesn't embed he original text files (Ventura5
maintain pointers to them as external files) and it's perfect for long,
structured documents. This way I am constantly updating my Xy files in
XyWrite and it's not necessary to export/import them from Ventura every
time. Just open again the Ventura chapter and the new version of the
XyWrite text appears. The only problem with Ventura5 is the absence of a
"Publish as HTML" feature. Ventura 7/8 abandon the original Xerox
philosophy of Ventura (switching to Pagemaker-Quark style) and are
plenty of bugs.
Manuel Castelao