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Re: Vista (OT)

--- "Patricia M. Godfrey"  wrote:

> And if anyone expects to be buying a new PC soon, be
> aware that the
> name brands (with, I understand, the honorable
> exception of Lenovo)
> are bound and determined to ram Vista down home
> users' throats.


According to promos on the radio, current Fujitsu
notebook models (which some hold to be among the
better ones around at present) are still being sold
with XP, plus a coupon good for a future upgrade to
Vista as part of the bundle -- whenever the purchaser
chooses to use it. Now, this may just be a package
deal associated with a particular dealer (who
specializes in notebooks, but has 3 or 4 store
locations in or adjacent to L.A.), though I would be
surprised to hear that it was. If they are doing it,
perhaps this arrangement exists for other systems /
brands / parts of the country.