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Hello friends,

I just noticed that the October 2007 version (119) of xywwweb.u2 (et al) is available at the http://datarealm.com site; I have been using version number 117, and would like to update. Carl provided an updated version of the SPELL frame recently after I complained that the one I had been using (from 2001 I think) didn't work; the newer one (a 2008 version) does work; but the version in 119 is the older one. Which gets me to my issue: how to copy the newer SPELL frame from my current U2 to the newer U2? Do I need to erase the older one from the newer U2 for the copied one to work? Looking back on what I've just written, I notice so many references to "version" "newer" and "older" that I fear this may be confusing, but I'm hoping it makes sense anyway. All the best to everyone,