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Walter Bailer had suggested that I mention my use of auto replace to insert formatting codes into documents.  For example to start single spaceing a document rather than hit f5 and then ls1 on the command line, I type ls1 in the body of my document and a single space delta is inserted in the document. 
( Previously in my pers.spl file I had typed ls1 space and than given the command on the command line so that a ls1 delta was inserted in the pers.spl file.
I found auto replace could be used to insert virtually all the delta command I can think of from margins to tab sets to headers to centering to date to time to new page.  I also found that you could insert deltas within delta such as headers and footers as well.  For example you can put page numbering into a header or footer or date and time into a header or footer.
Auto replace can also be used to insert multiple deltas.
For example, I do almost all of my documents in ls1.7 except for quotes which I block indent and single space.
to start a quote which I want to block indent, I type in the body of the document bgn.  This inserts the following deltas.  Single space, left margin 20, Justify. and tab set starting with ts20,25 30,35,40,45
 to end a quote I type endq in the body of a document and it inserts deltas for lm10, ls1.7, justify, and tab settings starting with ts10,15,20,25,30,35.
So far the only problem I experienced is that in tab set you can only insert about 5 or 6 tab sets.  this has not been a great problem but there is a limit on how many tab sets you  can put into the delta.
On another topic, word for word, Manual pointed out to me that the word 6 in the word for word filters is for word 6 for windows, and not word 6 for dos as I had assumed.   I think I sent out three emails on this apologizing for my hasty letters. 
  I have never used word for word to convert from xy to word for windows.  However I have been using word for word for years to convert xy4 for dos to wordperfect 5.1 for dos and the reverse without a hitch except that when you convert from wordperfect back to xy4 at the top of the document you end up with a lot of extraneous deltas which I erase.