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The problem is that I cannot do either search
or search and replace to look for or replace hard returns because when
I enter  Windows takes command of the
screen and switches to another window. Is there anyway to overcome
this problem.
Normally, the way to search for a carriage return in Xy is to use
ctrl-Enter. That puts the red box with the little arrow inside it onto the
command line. That's what you want to search for.
If this doesn't work for you, check your .kbd file. Under table=ctrl, key
number 28 should show the symbol for ASCII 10 (a dark block with a small
light circle or diamond in the middle.
If it isn't there, you can modify your .kbd file to put it there (or
anywhere you want it). If you need help on how to modify your .kbd file,
just ask.

Harry Binswanger