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Re: XyWWWeb.U2 wants "Install Registry"

Quoting Harry Binswanger :
Running Xy4 under "seamless XP Mode"--which is fabulous--I get an error every time to install XyWWWeb.Reg. I have a good XyWWWeb.Reg file, and I suspect the problem has to do with s/g 652. The Registry creation didn't countenance this kind of "OS."
Harry, I'm not sure why you think the error is related to S/G 652
(i.e., frame GetXyOS). In any case, one way to test this is to assign
the string "XyOS=WXP" (without quotes) to S/G 652 and see if the error
message stops. If it does, then you're right, and a permanent
workaround would be to put the assignment in STARTUP.INT, thus:


If the error persists, then it's back to the drawing board.
But if the problem really is S/G 652, I'd like to update frame GetXyOS so that it recognizes seamless XP Mode. If you open a CMD.EXE session in seamless mode and issue VER at the command prompt, what does it report?

Carl Distefano