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Re: New copy and paste function

** Reply to message from cld@xxxxxxxx (Carl Distefano) on Sat, 8 Nov 2003
19:46:36 -0500


> I hear you. But, to say it another way, ASSOCiating .VBS with
> VBSfile should be enough. The FTYPE command, to link (all) .VBS
> files to the CSCRIPT executable, would seem to be unnecessary; the
> command "CSCRIPT CLIP.VBS" makes that linkage at runtime for (this
> particular) .VBS file. Can even M$ be that dumb?

But what makes CSCRIPT intrinsically sensitive to the term "VBSFile"? Are you
suggesting that "VBSFile" is a reserved word, and doesn't need to be FTYPEd?
Maybe it is; maybe a lot (maybe all!) of these file types are reserved words, I
don't know. But if you habitually used a ".XY" extension, and simply went half
way --
"ASSOC .xy=XyWriteFile" -- that wouldn't be enough; you'd have to associate
FileTYPE "XyWriteFile" with Editor -- no?

I don't know the answer, but frankly... this mail list plumb wears me out. It
takes an hour to write a routine and a week to explain it. Most of the time
it's entirely unnecessary. Enervating to me, and discouraging to others, I'm
sure, because doubtless many hesitate, seeing the sort of trouble one person
has. Whereas, in fact, they're extremely unlikely to experience any problems.