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Re: New copy and paste function

Dear Carl

I didn't see this, and the following, exchange with Robert until after I had fixed the problem, as
noted in my previous post, so I cannot now test your theory.


On Sat, 8 Nov 2003 16:14:32 -0500, Carl Distefano wrote:
 Sat, 8
 Now, granted, you would think -- wouldn't you? -- that if you
<> pass a filename argument to an interpreter like CSCRIPT, it
<> isn't going to *care* whether there's an association for .VBS
<> or not.
> Please try this. Open a DOS prompt in a Desktop window. Go
<>> to Editor's directory (location of EDITOR and CLIP.VBS). Command:
<>> echo This is a test > CLIP.TXT
<>> Then command:
<>> cscript //logo //D //X //I CLIP.VBS