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Re: printer code

With XyDos, printing in reverse and duplex printing on non-duplex
printers is easy. The command for reverse-sequence printing is

For duplex printing, you will have to experiment to find the
right order, which varies with printers. For my old Laserjet 4+,
what you do is print the even pages in reverse order, put the
pile in the auxiliary tray, and then print the odd pages in
normal order. That gives them to you piled in the order you want.
The commands, assuming the file is onscreen, are
prn/rv ,,e
and then
prn ,,o
or you can always set it up in the print dialogue (ctrl-p), which
allows you to put the extra binding margin, if you use one, on
the correct side of each page. If you want to print a file that
is not open, you just put the filespec between the first and
second comma.

Reverse printing is, by the way, the sort of problem that the
manual is helpful with.

Nathan Sivin
History and Sociology of Science
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