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Re: printer code


Sorry I am not making myself clear.

I am looking for a way to make reverse-order printing my default, so
that I don't have to issue commands on the command line or in the ctrl+P
dialogue box. I have not been able to find any instructions in the
Command Reference or Customization manuals.

I have been able to change from Simplex Facing Pages to Simplex
One-Sided printing by making an os= change in settings.dfl, but I can't
seem to find anything about reverse-order printing.

Does the /rv switch override a default? If so, what is that default,
what file can I find it in, and how can I change it? Could it be in
\xy4\HPOJ.prn? (HPOJ=HPOfficeJet.)

Many thanks for your patience

Judith Davidsen

Nathan Sivin wrote:

> With XyDos, printing in reverse and duplex printing on non-duplex
> printers is easy. The command for reverse-sequence printing is
> prn/rv
> For duplex printing, you will have to experiment to find the
> right order, which varies with printers. For my old Laserjet 4+,
> what you do is print the even pages in reverse order, put the
> pile in the auxiliary tray, and then print the odd pages in
> normal order. That gives them to you piled in the order you want.
> The commands, assuming the file is onscreen, are
> prn/rv ,,e
> and then
> prn ,,o
> or you can always set it up in the print dialogue (ctrl-p), which
> allows you to put the extra binding margin, if you use one, on
> the correct side of each page. If you want to print a file that
> is not open, you just put the filespec between the first and
> second comma.
> Reverse printing is, by the way, the sort of problem that the
> manual is helpful with.
> Cheers,
> --
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