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Re: ;U2;

There are also extremely erratic performance problems with XY4.HLP when "oo" is
on and U2 is loaded. Altho when I load my private HLP file, which is a library
of XPL routines, they run fine.

While I've got you, here's another problem. I have always located, at the end
of HLP, a final frame that traps framenames and tries to XC them, just in case
I erroneously issued to Help a command rather than a framename. I nclose
that frame with this msg. Please take a look. It runs just fine at the end of
HLP; but it throws ;U2; into a tizzy of "Too many function calls" errors. The
problem is the single asterisk, or a leading asterisk. Take that away and it
loads fine -- although, of course, it doesn't work anymore (doesn't perform
it's assigned function). Strange to say, I noticed that at the end of DLG file
you guys have a frame that performs essentially the same role, which I think is
coded as {{5,^*}}. I tried using that header instead with my frame, but again
it went nuts. Note that codewise my frame is fine. It works, at least in HLP.
Otherwise, I like the ;U2; idea. The ^ and ^^ stuff is clever, but you guys
are flat out nuts to permit users to alter functions. Atomic particles are
atomic particles -- don't mess with them. This OO|OX stuff makes programming a
mess. Did anybody there stop to consider that you can't suspend OO at the
onset of a routine, then restore OX on exit, without wiping out the PRoMPT that
terminates the routine. What if the routine does nothing more than generate a
PRompt statement -- then what are we supposed to do? Or if routine terminates
in Error and displays an explanatory msg, that also gets wiped out by BN (ox)
-- the func BN (BX ) knocks it out. I have dozens of equations that display
math results as PRompts; they're nuked. Not well designed!!!

OTOH, I am very appreciative of many esoteric bug fixes that have finally
arrived. I am presently going through my list of hundreds of little bugs,
historic things since years ago, and surprise to say, many are now removed. On
the whole, Xy4 is a genuine pleasure.

*Enclosed File: LASTFRAM.BUG