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Re: XyWr versions questions

Matt, Thank you for providing information about the performance of XyWrite 4.0
for DOS in the MS Windows environment. You remarked: "I've had other problems
with XyWin, however, that make me think it simply isn't ready for prime time."
Unfortunately, so it seems -- though I would like to think that TTG is working
on a fix. I wish I could have some constructive input, instead of just
grousing about XyWin and resorting to WinWord.

You said: "Let me know if there's any other info I can provide." I'll take you
up on that. I've just seen some promotional info about XyWrite 4.0. It seems
to have all of the desirable features of XyWin, except one: fonts. First, is
my impression generally correct? Second, does the CUA method of text selection
work well? Now to fonts. As you know, XyWin comes with Bitstream fonts (why
you must install them and install a XyWrite driver is beyond me). XyWrite 4.0
seems to come with the same font package, and it's obvious why a XyWrite
printer driver is necessary. What other fonts, if any, are either included in
the package or are available as add-ons?

Thanks, Matt, and be assured that I won't be bothering you interminably.