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Wib Forry wrote:
> have problem with XPL
> xywrite@xxxxxxxx
> Ihave a xywrite program that runs and about half way throuh the program it
> starts writing the program into the file, and gives an error invalid format
> while it is running.
> any help would be appreciated

Well, pard, you haven't been terribly specific here, but I'll take a
shot in the dark and offer up this: is one element of the program that's
supposed to be a command lacking a BC in front of it? This would put
what should have been on the command line into the file, and will of
course produce chaos thereafter.


Suppose one of your routines means to replace Jack with Jill, in every
And dull boy with dull girl in every instance. Let's say, finally, that
you want to format girl for boldface.

Your program might look like this:

BC ci /Jack/Jill/XC BC /a dull boy/a dull ≪MDBO≫girl≪MDNM≫/XC BC

If, however, you leave out the BC before /a dull boy/ then the rest of
the stuff will appear in the file itself, not on the command line.

Also: did you try to run the routine in expanded mode?

Hope this helps, Wib.

Leslie Bialler
Columbia University Press