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** Reply to note from xywrite@xxxxxxxx Sat, 27 Dec 1997 14:02:21 -0500 (EST)
> What I wanted to do
> was, eg, have Xy3+ load from it's W95 DOS box with not
> only a DOS command line instruction to load a
> particular file but also a set of XyW command line
> instructions to load *other* files in other XyW
> windows. I could of course do that, as you suggest,
> with a different startup.int files that get changed by
> the bat file that does the loading. But it would be a
> lot easier and quicker to have a DOS command line
> instruction that fed the relevant commands to the XyW
> command line.

PMJI, but why "easier and quicker"? I think Harry's
approach is painless and superior. You can indicate an
alternate STARTUP.INT file when you launch EDITOR.EXE (or
at least you can under Xy4 -- I'm on the road and don't
have manuals or a copy of Xy3+ with me, but check it
out -- I seem to remember that this capability was
introduced during the 3+ regime). If it's possible, then
why not set up a W95 object and simply indicate the
alternate STARTUP.INT file in the parameters (arguments)?
Assuming that the actions you want are repeated each time
you launch, you'll have far more control over them using
STARTUP.INT (which is, after all, an XPL program)
than you will using an OS-level keystroke stuffer.

Robert Holmgren