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printing trouble with a win95 machine

   i've got a machine here, recently loaded with xywrite for windows 4.1,
   that has the same problem every time i print with it:

   the first page comes out fine, and pp. 2-whatever print out with all
   their text highlighted.

   the machine prints fine from msword 6.0, so i know the windows drivers
   are fine, but i can't seem to figure how to get it to go in
   (unfortunately) i have another win95 machine which does fine with
   xywrite, installed from the same disks.

   the machine in trouble is a 486/100 acer with 8MB RAM.

   when i called TTG, they suggested reloading some xywrite drivers, but
   they do not have one that i need, and it seems silly not to use the
   functioning windows drivers if possible.

   any ideas or folks with similar dilemmas? it's got me stumped...