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Re: two off-topic goodies (for Ken Frank)

** Reply to note from hseaver@xxxxxxxx 11/09/95 09:54am -0500

I thought my suggestion was clear, that it is possible (as you
know) to link the BBS to/through the Internet. Have your cake
&c. Not one OR the other. Enjoy all the drivel and schlock Las
Vegas billboards, _and_ also access the cumulative "trove" on TTG
BBS, which is vastly greater than  anything here. For purposes
of Xy discussion (the narrow issue), the BBS is simply better --
just take a look. It isn't ephemeral like this List. With a Virtual
Modem a call to the TTG BBS could be "local" -- at least until they re-jig  the
Internet, hopefully very soon (after which time this List won't
be so cheap anymore either, but at least you'll be able to detect
a carrier or access a server that isn't busy). What's happening
to the Net seems to me a casebook instance of the tragedy of the
commons. Everybody wants it free, gleefully thinks (especially
the marketeers) they're entitled to put any amount of crap on it;
and the thing is destroyed.

Robert J. Holmgren holmgren@xxxxxxxx
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