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Two off-topic goodies (for Ken Frank)

-> I think your BBS is a much superior venue for discussion in
-> all respects (*except* for accessibility ...) ... The
-> capacity of your Wildcat software to attach binary files to
-> msgs is exceptional among BBSs...

Without in any way deprecating this list and the great service that
Nathan Sivin renders by maintaining it, I must say I heartily
agree with Robert Holmgren. I miss the ability to send and
receive binary files attached to messages. What's more, the
various Files sections and other departments at TTG are an
important resource, easily accessible to anyone who logs on.
Xymail is automatically sorted, since everything you pick up
there pertains to Xy. And there's the convenience of being able
to send private message.

Any chance, Ken Frank, that the BBS will acquire an Internet

Carl Distefano