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Re: Using XyWrite with XP OS

I'm pretty sure it is built into the Mac.
I've seen web designers use two screens: one for the code and associated file manipulations, etc. and one for previewing the results.

On Sep 10, at 3:30 PM, J R FOX wrote:
--- Harry Binswanger  wrote:
I wrote,
And any of you who are not
working with two or more monitors in 2K or XP
are really missing out.
Robert replied:
Elucidate, please!


I think the missing piece of (hardware) info here --
which may not be immediately apparent to everyone
reading this thread -- is that you must have a
dual-head video card to pull this off. Matrox was one
of the first to introduce these, such as the G400 I've
been using for several years. This is clearly an
older model, as it has only 32meg. of Ram onboard --
clearly intended for basic business app.s, as opposed
to all of the gamer-oriented cards with beaucoup
memory that are so plentiful these days. I'm not too
conversant with what's on the market right now, but my
suspicion is that the dual-head design is far from a
standard feature, even now, and in any case one must
do the research before buying.

As far as OS support is concerned, W2K and later is
supposed to be able to handle dual displays. OS/2 |
eCS can do this only if one is using certain versions
of Scitech Display Doctor for the video drivers. I
don't know what the options may be for Linux or the