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W2K issues; hitherto unknown SP "5" (was Re: W2K - Harry has it!)

Most important of all, Carl, I wonder if you could document the
problems you had with W2K and send them in as a bug report to the
VBox people, because, after all, we will never get these issues fixed
if we don't submit bug reports.

Re W2K issues, looking for a best browser I found this interesting page


which contains a link to an unofficial very last "sp 5" version of
W2K which may be of interest. I have downloaded it and will report at
some point.

There is some advice here on which versions of which browsers to use
- - I know there are sources for older versions of nearly every
browser. Given in 2012, the advice was, in short,

"Now for a decent browser. Except for Windows Update, I highly
recommend to stay away from IE6. The latest Mozilla Firefox (version
10) & Opera (version 11.61) browsers runs perfectly fine on 2K. You
will need the latest Flash for both that W2K supports, and IE, as
well as Java for some sites. Currently, the latest version of Java
that will install on 2K is "jre-6u30-windows-i586". Flash (non IE,
version 11,1,102,55, IE, version 11,1,102,55). Latest Adobe Reader
supported is 9.4 Ultra Defrag 5.02 is about the best defrag software

At 04/10/2014 20:05, you wrote:

Reply to note from Kari Eveli Sat, 04 Oct 2014 19:51:31 +0300 > I worked with Harry Binswanger to get his W2K CD up and > running. Thanks, Kari. Based on Paul's and Bill's reminders -- something told me to fish for information! -- I did some Googling and found a working copy of W2K-SP4, with serial number, here: https://winworldpc.com/product/windows-nt-2000/final. Last night I installed it in VBox, with Guest Additions, and got Xy4 running. As Bill predicted, it's zippy -- and it's SO nice to have a working Alt-Enter window/full-screen toggle! However, there are two issues, and they are biggies. First, of course, is the inability to display remote directories using Xy's DIR command. I had thought this was small potatoes since the DOS DIR command works and you can easily import DOS DIR listings into XyWrite (U2 frame BDIR), but I see now that the problem goes deeper than that. It turns out that remote directories are invisible to XyWrite's EXIST command. This is a major issue for me. I run XyWrite on three (physical) computers with wildly different directory-tree structures. A lot of my personal XPL programming depends on using the EXIST command to allow XyWrite to detect which machine I'm using and operate accordingly. Although we have a U2 EXIST that does work with remote directories and LFNs, it would be a major hassle to redo my personal programming to use it instead of the native EXIST command. This would be a non-issue if I could get Dropbox working in W2K. Although I installed IE 6, there are still many websites that won't load, Dropbox being one of them. (Firefox is my browser of choice and, needless to say, I can't install that, either.) I could copy my Dropbox folder to a local drive, but, without the Dropbox software running, I'd have to manually sync it with my "real" Dropbox, which would be a pain. Technical glitches aside, there's a more basic issue for me. XyWrite is my launching pad for websites and other Windows programs, and I use it to compose, send, and receive email. Running Win 7 in VBox allows me to install the latest 32-bit Windows software, and to run an anti-virus program in the VM as well as on the host machine. In short, I need the VM to be able to connect fully to the Internet, and any OS earlier than Win 7 seems to throw up formidable obstacles to that. So I doubt that W2K will be able to lure me away from my current setup. But it's been fun trying. Best, Carl -- Carl Distefano cld@xxxxxxxx