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XPL insight: old news?

A few days ago, I tried to open a dialogue with other XPL programmers by
posting what I presumed they would recognize as a fundamental and empowering
insight (even if its day had come years ago), and asking if it were novel.

None of the several swift responses answered my question - instead, people
directed me to sites where I could study the XPL offerings of others. I have
done this, to some extent, without illumination.

To reiterate the question in a more pointed form: did anyone here know how
to recall a loaded string for editing last week? (This is an operation which
XPL [in its Xy3 form at least] egregiously fails to permit: loaded strings
are inaccessible, because there is no function which will insert them. My
provisional interpretation is that people have not recognized this basic
defect in the XPL storage system as such: hence the lack of interest in its

(and a Merry Christmas to all)