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Re: XPL insight: old news?

At 01:16 AM 12/25/99 -0800, you wrote:
>A few days ago, I tried to open a dialogue with other XPL programmers by
>posting what I presumed they would recognize as a fundamental and empowering
>insight (even if its day had come years ago), and asking if it were novel.
>None of the several swift responses answered my question - instead, people
>directed me to sites where I could study the XPL offerings of others. I have
>done this, to some extent, without illumination.

Maybe that's because you didn't worry about making clear what you were
talking about--just dropped undefined neologisms like "inflector."

Am I correct in saying that you have found a way to look at what is stored
in memory, as a loaded program? Is this different from Xy4's ability to
view, edit, and save loaded programs?

Anyway, there are only a couple of people on this list (notably Carl
Distefano and Robert Holmgren) who are technical enough to speak to your point.

Merry Christmas,

Harry Binswanger