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Re: Footnotes/Endnotes formatting

At 02:11 AM 1/4/2008, joni@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Footnote style at top of document:
>(continued) __________>

Footnote itself:
"The crisis in economic history," Challenge, 44(6), 2001, p·93>

The secret is the {point}{tab} after each FN1 in the text.
Jon, I see you manually insert the space and
{period\point} in the footnote itself when you
create it. One way to do it. I assume you have left your printer file

MD FN=(*)
David's fix to the .prn file, however, creates the space between the footnote number and the beginning of the note. And I wonder if there's a way, using the printer file, to add a period after the footnote number?
Michael Norman