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Re: Ignorant keyboard question

Thanks to Robert Holmgren for pointing out that my two commands
were still not usable. They should be:

BX del/nv C:\DOC\!YOURNAME.$$$ Q2 ;*;COMMENT

The point is that !.$$$ is a dynamic file, which records
the full pathnames of the files you open. It will therefore add
names as you work; both those and the permanent list already in
it will be available. But when you start a new session, the
permanent list in !.BAK replaces it and you start over.

I do exactly the same thing with Netscape cookies. Cookies.bak
contains the permanent list of a few cookies I need in order to
log on to the New York Times and a couple of other sites. Every
day when I back up the day's work prior to shutting down, the
batch file that does the backing up also makes a copy of
cookies.bak that replaces the current cookies.txt and so gets rid
of the detritus picked up during the day.

Nathan Sivin
History and Sociology of Science
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia PA 19104-6304
(215) 898-7454