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Re: Floppy disc images

The HDD type I was momentarily blanking on was SCSI.  It was a different breed altogether: 
1.2 Mil. MTBF hours (never had one of those fail on me; after 7+ years of service one was 
obsoleted for other reasons), coupled with ECC memory, an "Enterprise Class" solution.  
Not exactly inexpensive.  No one seems to bother with that sort of thing anymore.


On Thu, 11/15/18, Kari Eveli  wrote:

 Subject: Re: Floppy disc images
 To: xywrite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Date: Thursday, November 15, 2018, 11:35 AM
 It is good policy to keep old hardware for
 reading old media. In my 
 case, my old DOS
 machine died some time ago (a battery-related failure 
 that proved unrecoverable), and I managed to
 find a computer that I had 
 saved that could
 run Win 2000 in order to attach it to the network and 
 had ISA card slots for legacy cards. I moved my
 old hard disk and 
 floppies to it, and I am
 a happy camper now.
 Kari Eveli
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 J R FOX kirjoitti 15.11.2018 klo 20:25:
 > I have an old tower rig in storage that
 has two internal FDDs, covering both floppy types.  I was
 going to disassemble it and
 > give most
 of it to electronic recycling.  But the system still booted
 up when last I tested it a year or so ago, and it does
 > controller support for a now
 mostly gone type of HDD.  So maybe I'll just hold onto
 it ?
 >     Jordan