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Re: Floppy disc images


It is good policy to keep old hardware for reading old media. In my
case, my old DOS machine died some time ago (a battery-related failure
that proved unrecoverable), and I managed to find a computer that I had
saved that could run Win 2000 in order to attach it to the network and
had ISA card slots for legacy cards. I moved my old hard disk and
floppies to it, and I am a happy camper now.

Best regards,

Kari Eveli
LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland)

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J R FOX kirjoitti 15.11.2018 klo 20:25:
I have an old tower rig in storage that has two internal FDDs, covering both
floppy types. I was going to disassemble it and give most of it
to electronic recycling. But the system still booted up when last I tested it a year or so ago, and it does have controller support for a now mostly gone
type of HDD. So maybe I'll just hold onto it ? Jordan