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It is an interesting exercise to try to produce, let's say 3-
up labels; that is three columns from a mailing list. As 149 indicates it is a
two phase procedure. Load a minimal prn file (like none), produce a file using
mailmerge and tyf that has just the addresses in a stream and then ty that with
snaking added (a little extra massaging about pl, fd ,etc of course). Sounds
great. Here's an extra wrinkle that I can get around (especially after I
reduce all this to a pgm) but am puzzled by. Whether I use no prn file or a
minimal one (where the modes are blank, ff=0, of=0 there is no FB, etc., but
where FSWSWW//
 where the wild stuff manages to take care of elimating the ascii 10s. Now I
know what they are--they are the remainders of getting to the bottom of the
page; I imagine if I counted them and added the # of lines in the address I
would get 66. So how do I no get them, rather than how do I get rid of them?