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Re: Thanksgiving thanks

Despite my professional opposition to altruism, as Comte meant when he
coined the term, I think you mean the benevolence, good will and mutual
support, which we all enjoy. I'm so glad you are taking part. (By the way,
are you the Mendelson who was in the MIT psychology department in the 60s?
Probably not, but I have to ask.)
Maybe this is a good time to also give thanks to Carl for his incredible,
sustained, patient endeavors on behalf of us for decades. Where would we be
without the U2 that he and Robert Holmgren created? It's over a megabyte of
treasures. Thank you, Carl.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I know it's Thanksgiving Eve only in the US, but I hope that this is a good enough occasion to give thanks for this group. I've never seen a friendlier, more helpful, more thoroughly altruistic online group than this one. It's altruistic to beginner and expert alike, and a model of what a good society ought to be. Good cheer and good feelings to all.