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Re: Thanksgiving thanks

Hi all,

Greetings from the other side of the Atlantic, too. I, a relative
newcomer to this group, have also enjoyed very much working with Carl
and all the other members of this list. We do have a great sense of
volunteerism, and community spirit. We are very grateful to contributors
like Wengier and Edward who have espoused our cause so wholeheartedly.

Best regards,

Kari Eveli
LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland)

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23.11.2016, 22:26, Edward Mendelson wrote:
I know it’s Thanksgiving Eve only in the US, but I hope that this is a good enough occasion to give thanks for this group. I’ve never seen a friendlier, more helpful, more thoroughly altruistic online group than this one. It’s altruistic to beginner and expert alike, and a model of what a good society ought to be. Good cheer and good feelings to all.