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Re: Labels and other "Panel" formats

MCSWAIN@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> Yes, I notice it; it is software that Bill G does not own and cannot force
> down your throat by demanding that box dealers load their machines with his
> stuff; and it is DOS material that works quite well but lacks the label
> of being the latest stuff. Just what are people going to do with the PCs
> of the near future with vast power! Well, run more and more bloated
> programs with diminishing capabilities or abilities that are lost in a maze
> of performance claims; help America wake up, chose what functions for you,
> and refuse to buy the newest c***! James McSwain
> MCSWAIN@xxxxxxxx

Hear hear!! Bravo, James!

It has been my observation that the latest version of any Microsoft product will
generally run not quite as fast, on the latest and greatest machine (which will,
of course, be rendered obsolete faster than the UPS man who brought it to your
door can return to the depot to pick up the next shipment), as XyWrite 3+ did on
a 286.

It is absurd that one must bid farewell to a trusted and trouble-free machine
years before it would have broken down merely because some arrogant developer's
must-have program requires a 300mhz Pentium 2 w/ 64 meg of RAM and a 9 gig hard
drive, while the pompous morons who write for PC Magazine (and who probably
haven't _purchased_ a computer of their own since August of 1982) cheer the
developer on and urge their readers to purchase such machines.

Leslie Bialler
Columbia University Press