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Re: Labels and other "Panel" formats

On 21-11, N.Sivin wrote (in part)
"I have never had any trouble getting the XY column table function to sit
 up and bark, but that isn't what I recommended. It only takes a minute
 to set up 10 copies of card text, with appropriate spacing for a label
 sheet, using snaking columns."

True enough, but when I've done the same thing for small Avery Labels (65
on a sheet in 5 columns -- the equivalent of the sort of return-address
labels you generally buy from the kind of catalog addressed to "Occupant"),
it's taken quite a lot of proofing and fiddling to get the alignment right
on each label. And when I tried to print a new supply of return-address
labels after changing from a TI MicroWriter to HP LJ 5L, I had to do the
whole thing over again.

Just the sort of thing my wished-for non-profit perpetual consortium of
Xy5 revisers would be asked to work on.

Eric Van Tassel