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Dictionary Software

I notice your "Definitions Plus" screen shots for the words you
displayed are identical to my "Key Dictionary" screens. The Key
dictionary is one of those "generic" plain vanilla software lines
someone mentioned in connection with DAK. I ordered mine from a firm in
Chattanooga, as I recall: $40.
 It professed to be identical to the other American Heritage
dictionary software and, apparently, actually is.
 I think I agree with Henry that these on-line dictionaries are a
little thin for people who work with language every day. Our editors
don't seem to much use them, even though the word-breaks would be
useful and the occasional usage notes might be useful too.
 One disappointment with the software version of the American Heritage
dictionary is that it doesn't seem to have any proper names in it. At
least my Key version doesn't. Yet that is one of the good features of
the AH dictionary--dates, line art, and accurate spelling of names.